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Should you choose a DIY approach for your company website?

You need a new company website. Do you go down the DIY route or choose a professionally designed approach?

There is an increasing number of advertisements & commercials for a 'do it yourself' website builder product.

This might have caught your eye if you are a new business, as you may already be wondering what web design firm to choose or whether you can actually go ahead and build it yourself.

Now its fair to say that I'm writing this from a website designer's perspective, but I will offer up some of the pros and cons for both methods... to help you decide which is right for you.


So first of all... Why choose the DIY approach?

You are a small business on a very tight budget.

You have a good grasp of technology, know some website lingo and can work with ease across a variety of software on a PC or Mac.

You have plenty of spare time to work on the design, content and administration.

You like to take a hands-on approach.

You are happy with a template design that other companies will also use/already be using.


Why choose a professional web design/development company?

You are aware of the need for a good, well-executed design that befits your company and enhances it's profile.

You do not want a template that other companies can use.

You need the functionality and customisation of a bespoke system to be thoroughly planned, designed and built.

You are well aware that a professional website is an investment.

Your time and that of your staff is far better spent doing the jobs that they are trained for.

You realise that only experience and professionalism will achieve the results you are looking for.


For further consideration... SEO features will be taken into account for each page / section. Images will be manipulated and optimised. Fonts will be carefully considered. Responsive design is included as standard. These are some aspects that a design company should take into consideration for you, that simply will not be included as part of a website builder.


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