Get Visual

Less text, more pictures please!

Right now we are seeing a definite trend of website pages that utilise a more visual way of describing the services available through the use of well-designed visual elements.

Long paragraphs of text are being replaced with graphical interpretations as it's a great way of telling a story or getting your point across without having to read a 500 word essay, and this is nowhere more evident than with design companies and software solutions / service providers.


get visual


What does this say about the current online audience? It signifies that even though we are spending more time than ever online and accessing information through websites (and on a greater variety of devices), our attention spans are getting shorter as we seem to favour quickly scanning through various pages, articles and snippets of info at a much higher volume.

The actual device we use to browse definitely helps to drive this current trend, as smartphones and tablet users who are accessing information quickly and 'on-the-go' are also less likely to read through long text-based sections that are less device-friendly.

So should you change your website? In a word, yes. If that is what your audience is browsing and ultimately responding to right now, and the content of your business / project / services can be told using suitable and effective graphic representation then I'd say go ahead and make some changes. And sooner rather than later.

Falling behind and missing the latest trends can mean missing out on potential new customers, sales and revenue.

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